Saturday, October 8, 2011

Holiday Beach Migration Observatory

Hawk banding demonstration at Holiday Beach

Each fall the Hawk Migration Festival is held over two weekends at Holiday Beach C.A.  This year there were 5,476 Broad-winged Hawks recorded from the hawk viewing tower on the first day of the festival.

immature Broad-winged Hawk circling over hawk watching tower

banded Gray-cheeked Thrush ready for release

The feathers of the head can be parted by blowing through a straw.  The bander is looking to see if the skull is completely ossified.  This male Golden-crowned Kinglet was photographed on October 6.

male Orange-crowned Warbler (spring plumage). Early October is the best time to look for Orange-crowned Warblers. This species is scarce in the spring but relatively easy to find in the fall. Look for them in thickets, goldenrod meadows and shrubby edges.

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